Tough Decisons

The decision to close a business has got to be one of the toughest choices to make. It feels like a dream being shattered OR is it a new season and direction in life of something bigger and better?! Only time will reveal that answer!

With that intro, POPembroidery will be closing the WNC Farmer’s Market location on Dec 20, 2015. The embroidery machine will still be humming, just at a different location, my home! The fun news about this announcement?….I can stitch in my PJ’s again;) Hahaha!

The online store will be undergoing a professional upgrade, which will sync all POP’s social media sites together.

What an adventure small business can be. All the ups and downs, changes for good and growth.

We look forward to seeing you on the flip side!

Thank you to the many customers I have met and serviced over these last 3 years! You are truly appreciated!

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Fundraisers! HOT! NEW! Custom license plates!

After my last post about which direction to take my company, this is one stream that presented itself! FUNDRAISERS!

POPembroideryDesigns is introducing custom license plates for YOUR organization’s fundraising! Custom colors, mascot, design, and text! We’ve GOT it! And it is a HOT product!

Once listed on our site, anyone can order and support the active fundraisers!

Let’s talk!

Hover Fundraising Events…CHHS is our current active fundraiser!

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Which direction is right?

Several different choices have popped up for my business. Wonderful choices that could make POP a viable business. Biggest question I have, which one is best? Do I stray from the “dream” and incorporate more income streams?

The decision of easing into each area to decide which one will survive financially seems best. If all areas take off, I’ll be able to hire a few people. Another huge step but such an exciting time!

Thank you to all our wonderful customers who love monogramming and embroidery!

Come watch us grow with fundraiser opportunities for YOUR school, organization or non-profit!

Check. It. Out!

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Our web site is LIVE!

Just a click and drop template…it is that easy! NOT for me! I have found that stitching is much easier than setting up the “easy” template site.

After several weeks of coordinating the photo shoot, applying links, adding title boxes & paragraphs, our site is finally LIVE! Stop by, take a peek and let me know your thoughts…but please go easy on me! Hahaha!

Now back to stitching, which is my true hearts desire!

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Launching an online store for POPembroidery Designs!

POPembroidery Designs online store will be lauched soon! We specialize in custom embroidery and monogramming from baby gifts to Company logo shirts.

Recently completed EarthPro land surveying company shirts. A surveying company in Athens, GA. Additional companies in that area are Daddison Construction,            PuroClean by Daddison, Atlanta Restaurant Services

EarthPro logo shirts by POPembroidery Designs

EarthPro logo shirts by POPembroidery Designs

Big Bro proud of Lil Bro!

Big Bro proud of Lil Bro!


Always going with the flow of the ever changing retail world is exciting! For some reason, I’m having a tough time clicking that “live” button on the site. Most likely because I want everything perfect and running smoothly for our clients!

Our shop is located at WNC Farmers Market Shoppes Bldg B Asheville, NC 28806  From I 40 take Exit 47.  From Hwy 26 take Exit 33 travel away from the Asheville Outlets for 1.5 miles.

Our Fall hours at the market are Thurs – Sun 10 – 5. This allows for stitching time       Mon – Wed.  Remember WNC market hours are 7 days a week 8 – 5.

Thank you for visiting our blog.

We’ll post our open date when goes live!

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Keep moving forward!

I’ve missed writing and sharing stories. This photo sparked my interest again, calling me to share.

Our son and his family visited us last week-end and what a joy our 16 month old grandson is! But what grandparent doesn’t think their grandchildren are the greatest? 

We visited the Biltmore Estates Antler Village walking trails Friday and Saturday evening, even though it was chilly and windy. As we walked between the pastures along the path to the barn, the sun was setting. 

What a beautiful photo of our son and grandson this would make! Or so I thought. As I was snapping photos, there was a bright white flash from the sunset. Oh no, this isn’t going to make a good photo, there will be a white line down the middle.. But the “still small voice” said keep shooting! And so I did.

Once we got home and were viewing the photos, this is one the best photos I’ve ever taken! What perfect timing, the setting and the sunset! I thought of God’s love and grace and how perfect it is.


Perfect timing!

A lesson to be learned? Yes, I thought of the numerous times I wanted to give up on my embroidery and sewing business. But the “still small voice” tells me to keep shooting, keep moving forward, keep sewing! And that is what I’ll do!

Have a great week-end, everyone and keep moving forward!

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A Little Different News

The front paper of the Asheville Citizen-Times on June 8, 2011 caught my full attention, unlike other days. It was NOT Anthony Weiner’s bare chest and the articles that ensued. The story that begged me to read on, was Asheville high school’s soft lock down and A-B Technical Community College on alert! What had happened? My first thoughts were a shooter was on the loose, after all most headline news stories are sadly about those types of horrors. As my eyes focused on the high school/community college article, it wasn’t a shooter or similar tragedy. It was a pair of bear cubs running around scaring everyone! Yes, that is right BEARS! Now, I don’t mean to down-play the danger of encountering a bear but it was something you don’t often see on the front page. But wait, we now live in the Western North Carolina mountains! So yes, those types of articles will make our main news! It certainly is more refreshing than all the self-destructive humans splashing their “skeletons in the closet” and embarrassing choices in our face.
Everyone was safe and school officials had extra police officers on hand when school let out at 3:30pm. The bear’s activities were monitored by A-B Tech officials before it wandered off campus. Oh, btw…they said one of the bears was small, probably weighting about 100 pounds. Ok, so any bear can do some damage if it so chooses. And I writing this in the comfort of our home, miles away from the bear siting.
Therefore I can say, I am thankful to be living in the mountains of NC where some headlines news can catch you off guard and make you smile.

Bears at school!

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