New Meets Old

Settling into a new home and new city has been a rollercoaster of emotion. Many ups and downs but I am staying positive. With my bull-headed determination this will be a happy and prosperous time in our lives. And, yes being stubborn can be a positive!

I’ve tripped through the boxes in my sewing room for the last time! This past week-end hubby made a suggestion of using the two treadle machines. Did he not realize an embroidery machine would not fit in the cabinet?! I was frustrated and dismissed his idea….mmmm maybe……so, we both measured the top of the treadle and the base of the other. It would set on top of the closed cabinet with the treadle machine left inside!

The 4′ table was removed and the treadle set in place. WOW! I had much more room, so we brought the second treadle in for my serger! Plus each cabinet has 3 nice drawers on either side of center! Ok, so now an apology was due and he humbly accepted it:)

I’ve saved the most important part of the story for last……you, see the cabinets belonged to my paternal and maternal grandmothers! What an honor to see their treadle machines in my sewing room! As I was taking pictures I saw the “New Singer” meeting the “Old Singer”. Enjoy the photos!

I would love your comments on how “new meets old” in your home!


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Seamstress, Embroiderer, crafter, Military wife (retired), love family time and treasure dear friends
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4 Responses to New Meets Old

  1. Mary Helen says:

    Your new sewing room is so pretty and nice. New meets Old is the perfect wording! It’s so rewarding to see your treasured “old” sewing cabinets put such a beautiful touch on your room.

  2. Barbra says:

    Gorgeous pieces but I think the neatness and organization of your space is disgusting……….!!!! I’m such a slob and yet I do know where everything is…most of the time. Hugs!

  3. I love the old sewing machine table – I used to have my mother’s sewing machine in a cabinet, one of those old heavy metal ones, but I had to say goodbye to it when we moved. It needed to be repaired, and I couldn’t afford to spend the $ on it, so I sold it. I think it is great you have the space for your treasures. And it is so organized! Maybe you should come and help me get organized….. 🙂

  4. donnahuebsch says:

    My grandmother had once of those treadle sewing machines, too! How nice to see your grandmothers’ machine cabinets finding new life in your work room.

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