Mountain Drive

We left the house this morning about 11:00am, with plans of being back home by supper. In other words no set plans other than drive the southern route of the Blue Ridge Parkway, from Asheville to Cherokee. We packed a few drinks and snacks and would find a little cafe somewhere along to have lunch.
As we drove and talked (actually I did most of the talking, as usual) we were amazed at the outstanding weather, scenery and the peace the mountains brought to our day.
We only took a few pictures because the camera battery died about half way through the afternoon. The affirmation of our recent move to Asheville was as vivid as the colorful Spring display the mountains were boasting. The peace was as clear and pure as the waterfalls and streams that graced our path.
Sometimes in the most simple, common ways God can showcase His greatest works. Those moments are truly a time of “peace that passes all understanding” and will flow into your heart at the most unexpected times but when we need it the most.
I am blessed to have spent the day with my hubby, in the midst of God’s handiwork!
Enjoy the photos and leave a comment on your Memorial Day week-end festivities.


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4 Responses to Mountain Drive

  1. Barbra says:

    Haven’t gone for just a ride in a long time. Need to do that! Hugs

    • Mary Helen Austin says:

      What a nice day and to enjoy such beautiful scenery! Terri, you do a wonderful job of describing your feelings and thoughts.

  2. Beautiful! I love the mountains.
    It is so nice to just take a drive sometimes, with no specific destination, so deadline. That freedom makes the views even more spectacular.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you! I’m glad each of you enjoyed reading about our day trip!

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