Keep moving forward!

I’ve missed writing and sharing stories. This photo sparked my interest again, calling me to share.

Our son and his family visited us last week-end and what a joy our 16 month old grandson is! But what grandparent doesn’t think their grandchildren are the greatest? 

We visited the Biltmore Estates Antler Village walking trails Friday and Saturday evening, even though it was chilly and windy. As we walked between the pastures along the path to the barn, the sun was setting. 

What a beautiful photo of our son and grandson this would make! Or so I thought. As I was snapping photos, there was a bright white flash from the sunset. Oh no, this isn’t going to make a good photo, there will be a white line down the middle.. But the “still small voice” said keep shooting! And so I did.

Once we got home and were viewing the photos, this is one the best photos I’ve ever taken! What perfect timing, the setting and the sunset! I thought of God’s love and grace and how perfect it is.


Perfect timing!

A lesson to be learned? Yes, I thought of the numerous times I wanted to give up on my embroidery and sewing business. But the “still small voice” tells me to keep shooting, keep moving forward, keep sewing! And that is what I’ll do!

Have a great week-end, everyone and keep moving forward!


About POPembroideryDesigns

Seamstress, Embroiderer, crafter, Military wife (retired), love family time and treasure dear friends
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2 Responses to Keep moving forward!

  1. Mom says:

    Enjoyed this very much. Picture is timeless. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Norma Brock says:

    Lovely story and wonderful picture! Keep listening to that voice…and keep moving! 🙂

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