Mountain Drive

We left the house this morning about 11:00am, with plans of being back home by supper. In other words no set plans other than drive the southern route of the Blue Ridge Parkway, from Asheville to Cherokee. We packed a few drinks and snacks and would find a little cafe somewhere along to have lunch.
As we drove and talked (actually I did most of the talking, as usual) we were amazed at the outstanding weather, scenery and the peace the mountains brought to our day.
We only took a few pictures because the camera battery died about half way through the afternoon. The affirmation of our recent move to Asheville was as vivid as the colorful Spring display the mountains were boasting. The peace was as clear and pure as the waterfalls and streams that graced our path.
Sometimes in the most simple, common ways God can showcase His greatest works. Those moments are truly a time of “peace that passes all understanding” and will flow into your heart at the most unexpected times but when we need it the most.
I am blessed to have spent the day with my hubby, in the midst of God’s handiwork!
Enjoy the photos and leave a comment on your Memorial Day week-end festivities.

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New Meets Old

Settling into a new home and new city has been a rollercoaster of emotion. Many ups and downs but I am staying positive. With my bull-headed determination this will be a happy and prosperous time in our lives. And, yes being stubborn can be a positive!

I’ve tripped through the boxes in my sewing room for the last time! This past week-end hubby made a suggestion of using the two treadle machines. Did he not realize an embroidery machine would not fit in the cabinet?! I was frustrated and dismissed his idea….mmmm maybe……so, we both measured the top of the treadle and the base of the other. It would set on top of the closed cabinet with the treadle machine left inside!

The 4′ table was removed and the treadle set in place. WOW! I had much more room, so we brought the second treadle in for my serger! Plus each cabinet has 3 nice drawers on either side of center! Ok, so now an apology was due and he humbly accepted it:)

I’ve saved the most important part of the story for last……you, see the cabinets belonged to my paternal and maternal grandmothers! What an honor to see their treadle machines in my sewing room! As I was taking pictures I saw the “New Singer” meeting the “Old Singer”. Enjoy the photos!

I would love your comments on how “new meets old” in your home!

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Our recent move to NC

A declining real estate market, job and income loss gave way to difficult decisions for my husband and me. During our 2 year path of uncertainty career changes were looming, we had to remain strong in faith to survive!

We would have never guessed our impending move would have led us to Asheville, NC. It actually was going to be a perfect fit, however it was going to take some time to realize the tremendously positive impact on our lives.

Moving is nothing new to us, as hubby is retired Air Force and we moved cross-country many times during those 24 years. However, this move was different as we are now empty-nesters with no instant connection to an area through schools, sports or theatre activities with the kids. Totally on our own and starting over! A bit scary!

As we were unpacking boxes, I set up my embroidery machine again. Almost instantly, I realized a part of me had been packed away for far too long. Creativity in sewing and embroidery is the very fiber of my soul. You see, I was born to sew! The re-discovery of such was pure joy.

But just imagine, we are now living in a beautiful, forward-thinking, artistic community surrounded by the Smokey Mountains! The amount of craft shows, from fundraiser shows to juried ones brings an amazing opportunity for artists, crafters and buyers!
Even the area mall has a complete store dedicated to sweatshop free products and showcases local artists and crafters work! Amazing! Could it be I am falling in love with Asheville and all the opportunities available?

Keep in mind this is all from the eyes of a newcomer. There are always pros and cons to anything in life….BUT I’m looking at the PROS and a bright, positive future! I’d like to challenge you to look at your bright future even when change is imminent.

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Hello world!

The intro said, Welcome to WordPress…start blogging! So here is my first blog, world (or whoever might see/read this:)

We’ll celebrate our 37th wedding anniversary next week and therefore the old cliché of “time flies” is fitting. However the older you get the quicker it seems to “fly”. Everyone experiences good times and difficult times in their lives. I have learned the hard way, it isn’t only the experience that shapes you and your future, it is the way you handle it.  With faith? Without faith? I know without a doubt, I wouldn’t be alive without faith and the determination to move forward. I am thankful Christ continues to love me through it all. And a loving family and treasured friends who continually lift me up. Thank you with all of my heart.

Creativity through sewing and crafting is who I am, flowing through my veins. Having the pleasure of embracing that force within me and sharing it with others is a joy! Selling my items locally or online is just icing on the cake!

I’d like to challenge each of you…what is your “icing on the cake”? Whatever positive energy it might be, embrace it and be thankful for your life! Enjoy the journey!

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